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before 1882
50.4825000000 cm. H x 35.0850200000 cm. W, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
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Object Description
Black and white drawing of Athens with gold-wood frame and off white matting.In the foreground, plants can be seen, with a few houses off to the left, The main city is in the center of the photograph. Greek ruins can be seen upon a plateau. To the left, ther is a rather large building. The back of the frame reads, "Les Amis Du Livre, Livres Rares-Cartes Anciennes, Gravures-Voyages En Grece" followed by an address. Then, "This print is guaranteed to be over 122 years old" Below this, there is a stamp that reads, "Familienalbum. Triest, 1857."
Photo is over 122 years old. Athens is the capital of Greece. Athens has been continually inhabited for at least 7000 years.
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Print, before 1882, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/7281. Accessed 11/28/23.