Object ID
Object Name
Opener, Bottle
Date Created
circa 1974
Alternative Name
Object Entities
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
Object Description
Hammered copper bottle opener. One side has the embossed image of the Parthenon with "Parthenon" embossed in Greek. The other side has the embossed image of the Greek god, Athena, with her helmet perched atop her head. The background on each side of the bottle opener has embossed circular texturizations. The side with the image of Athena has "Made in Greece" embossed to the right of Athena's image.
Donated by Helen Gravenites. Bought in Greece in 1974 as a souvenir. Parthenon is the most recognized building in Greece and is located on the Acropolis, the ancient citadel of Athens. The Parthenon was a temple dedicated to Athens' patron goddess, Athena. Construction of the Parthenon began in 447 BCE. As the Parthenon is dedicated to Athena, her image embossed on the opposite side of the bottle opener. Athena is the Greek goddess most commonly associated with wisdom, but also numerous other qualities. She was the virgin patron of Athens. Athena is depicted with a Greek helmet perched upon her head so as to present her with the image of Nike, the god of victory. One of Athena's other associations is with just warfare, hence the ties to Nike.
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