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Gravenites, Helen (owned by)
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
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Brass tray with embossed ship (a simplified trireme) on the water with a full sail. The body of he boat and the sail are deeply embossed so that they protrude from the level bottom of the tray whereas the other decorations like the waves and the stylized suns are just engraved and level with the surface. Despite the uneven bottom the tray sits on a flat surface well and does not tip over. The boat is decorated with flowers at the base of long thin lines that represent oars. The stern of the boat is fashioned to look like a fish's tail while the bow is a blub shape with four protruding spikes. The sail has a scallopped border within the material and continues the line of the mast with added sheafs of wheat so that it looks like a long stalk. The handles of the tray are decorated with small circular indents on the upper face. The lateral sides have several points so that it vaguely resembles a crown. The sunflower/starburst takes on three incarnations on this tray. On the boat it looks most like a flower with attached leaves. The two on eitherside of the sail and the one on the sail have four similar leaf like designs pointing out as if the directions on a compass with small circles on the diagonal axis. The design on the sail is slightly more elaborate. The shapes above the sail look the most like suns with no accompanying design.
This tray was previously owned by Helen Gravenites. The boat is most likely a smimplified version of a trireme (or other large, oarred greek ship). The Greek subject matter indicates that the item was made/purchased in Greece but there is no further evidence to this effect.
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