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Gravenites, Helen (owned by)
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
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Copper pot on a short stand. The bowl in engraved with caligraphy and other geometric designs in alternating sections so that there are three repetitions of this pattern. This band has a scalloped border to its top and bottom. The inside of the pot has considerable green staining. The open bowl portion is bell shaped and widens at its opening. The stand takes the bell shape of the bowl but turned upside down.
This item was previously owned by Helen Gravenites. The caligraphy is in big block letters which may be in the Persian stlye Nas’taliq. Historically Cyprus, with its huge copper resources, supplied Turkey with copper goods. Cyprus, while now a sovereign nation, has been under the control of both Greece and Turkey in the past and is still torn with the Turkish occupying the north third of the island and Greek influence in the rest of the nation. Currently the population is made up of appx 80% Greek Cypriots and 18% Turkish Cypriots. While there is no explicit proof that this bowl is from Cyprus it does fit the general style of copper vessels from the island.
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