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Object Name
Runner, Table
47.6250000000 cm. W x 99.6950000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Tiftiksis, Mina (created by)
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
Tiftiksis, Anastasia (is related to)
Tiftiksis, Mina (is related to)
Object Description
Table runner with multicolor embroidery on a beige background. This runner has a long rectangular shape with its base color being beige. The color of the emroidery includes purple, pink, red, green, white, and navy. On either edge are identical designs. There is a zig-zagging branch, made of gold beading, and branching off of this are various leaves in those multiple colors listed above. Throughout the textile, there are navy colored stripes running vertically. Along the edges are pink, white, and navy tassles. The edges are beginning to fray. There are some rust-colored stains near one of the corners.
This table runner was created in Greece by Anastasia Tiftinksis, who also went by the name "Mina". It can be used to decorate a a long dining table as a basic home accessory. It is unknown how or when the textile made its way to the US, nor is it known how the donor acquired it from Mina Tiftinksis.
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