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Object Name
Picture, Needlework
24.6075200000 cm. W x 29.8450000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Anastasia (Mina) Tiftiksis, Handmade (created by)
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
Tiftiksis, Anastasia (is related to)
Tiftiksis, Mina (is related to)
Mary, Virgin (is related to)
Object Description
Embroidered needlepoint textile that depicts the Virgin Mary. Multicolor thread. The Virgin Mary is depicted from the waist up in profile. Her head is bowed and her hands are together in prayer. She wears a blue robe with red sleeves peeking from underneath. She also has a thin halo. In the backgound is an ambiguous landscape of mostly brown hues. The emroidered image has a thin blue border in the shape of an oval. The textile itself is a yellow fabric in a rectangular shape. It is unframed, and the edges are fraying. At the top is the brand "ROYAL PARIS"--between the two words is an image of a crown. Along the right side of the object are printed blocks of the different colors used in the piece. Colors range from black to white. In the bottom right number is the printed number "35". On the back side of the object, one can see the stitching the and the work done to create this piece. There is a small brown stain in the upper right corner on this backside. It is unnoticable from the front.
This table cloth was created in Myteline, Greece by Anastasia Tiftinksis, who also went by the name "Mina". This textile can be used as a basic home accessory. For example, it could be framed and hung as art. It is unknown how or when the textile made its way to the US, nor is it known how the donor acquired it from Mina Tiftinksis. "Royal Paris" is a brand of needlepoint canvases. Various sizes and designs can be sold.
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