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Object Name
Picture, Woven
16.98752 cm. W x 32.22752 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Cotton; Metal; Plastic
Object Entities
Tiftiksis, Handmade (created by)
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
Tiftiksis, Mina (is related to)
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Object Description
Framed embroidery, cross stitch, multicolored floral design. The design consists of two blue flowers, three red flowers, and two red flowers. All of the flowers are made up of a variety of colors. For a red, purple, and two blue flowers, the centers can be seen, which consist of yellow outlined in black, which is in turn surrounded by white. The leaves are thin and found in clusters.
Mina Tiftiksis lived in Myteline, Greece. This was intended to be used as a decoration. The cloth looks as though it was specifically made for embroidery, due to the thread count.
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