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Date Created
circa 1904
134.62 cm. W x 48.5775 cm. L The width was measured with the apron strings fully extended. The width of the apron without the strings is 23.5"., Item (Overall)
Cotton Crochet Thread
Object Entities
Handmade, Virginia Stamides (created by)
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
Stamides, Virginia (is related to)
Object Description
Crocheted apron. Off-white with multi-colored insertions. The apron has a rectangular shape. The side edges widen as it reaches the bottom of the apron. The top edge includes two straps that tie at the waist. The bottom edge is slightly scalloped. Half of the apron has multi-colored insertions that are horizontally striped. The colors include red, yellow, blue, and green. These stripes on the bottom half of the apron zig-zag a bit.

While a majority of the crochet thread used to make the apron is already off-white, it appears as if there has been discoloration of the thread over the years. It has a slight orange tint. On one side of the apron, there are even more noticeable orange stains.
At the time of the donation of this object, the apron was said to be approximately 100 years old, which places it in the early 20th century. It was handmade through crochet by Virginia Stamides. It is unknown how or when the object was acquired by the donor.

Aprons can be used as accessories to clothing so as to protect another article of clothing from being soiled or damaged from foods, dirt, or the like.
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