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Object Name
Frame, Picture
Object Entities
Gravenites, Helen (owned by)
Gravenites, Helen (is related to)
Kazrojlrs, (is related to)
Object Description
Rectangular, decorated, silver picture frame. The silver decoration creates an inner frame with a rectangular base and rounded top similar to a wall niche. This false architectural illusion is strengthened by the decorative columns that flank the glass. The front has a border with an intricate floral design. Directly above the two columns sit flower vases which feed into an intricate scene of birds perchesed in twising branches on the spandrel area. The smooth and precise details of this decoration indicate that they were made by etching and perhaps machine made not hand made. The object's left face has a small inscription "Kazrojlrs." The back is made of wood and has a metal stand.
This picture frame was previoulsy owned by Helen Gravenites. The piece is clearly an antique but cannot be dated more precisely than sometime in the last hundred years. The inscription "Kazrojlrs" could be an artists signature, workshop, or any other identifyer. However a couple of the last letters are unclear and so it is difficult to verify. (See Image 3)
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