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Box, Candy
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CUPID CANDIES (is part of)
Date Created
circa 1996
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Cupid Candies "Turks" box. It is mostly yellow in color, with a three and a half inch of bronze on the left side of the lid. On the bronze colored portion there are eight cupids, in a row, set about half an inch from the yellow side. They are all identical: No faces, curly hair, holding a bow which is slightly pulled back with an arrow and caring a load of arrows on his back. The yellow potion of the lip is decorated with white oval shapes with vertical lines going through them; half of the oval is filled in with a zig-zag pattern, other side is empty. About two and a half inches from the top are the words "Cupid 'Turks'" Directly below this is a solid brown strip that starts from the bronze section and does about two inches past the "Turks" Within the strip, in white writing is "each bite a fresh delight" Under those words are two images of chocolate turtles. In the bottom right corner reads "NET WT. 23 OZ. (2 LBLS.) On the top width side reads, in two lines, "Main Office and Kitchen 7637-39 S. Western Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60620. On the bottom of the width side reads the ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, cream, milk, evaporated milk, vanilla flavor, pecans and chocolate. On each of the length sides reads "Cupid Candies" The inside of the lid is plain cardboard that is in a dark purple color. The base of the box is white on the outside, plain of all design and the inside is also in the dark purple cardboard. There is no tray on the inside. The only wording that is on the base reads "043012"
The box meant for candies comes from a store named "Cupids Candies", founded by Paul Stefanos in 1936. The store produces and sells chocolates, toffees, popcorn, and the like at their main base in Chicago, which has expanded and moved several times due to the demand for the company's products. The company also sells their products in local Chicagoland area stores such as Crate & Barrel, hospital gift shops, and floral shops.
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