Box, Candy

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Box, Candy
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CUPID CANDIES (is part of)
Cardboard; Paper
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Rectangular box is predominantly peach in color. The background consists of repeating ovals which are half white and half peach.  These ovals, which are connected at the top and bottom by white lines (much like a chain) appear as an all-over background design, much like wallpaper. There is a picture of two chocolate candies superimposed on the front center of the background and the words "Cupid Candies" in in script at the top-center of the box cover.  The weight of the box is printed in simple black font in the bottom right-corner of the lid. The left side of the lid has a wide band of brown color running vertically around its entire left side ... resembling a faux brown ribbon.  There are three white silhouettes of flying cupids lined up, top to bottom, on that ribbon.  They are all facing right, each with a quiver full of arrows on their back, reloading their bow.
The box meant for candies comes from a store named "Cupids Candies", founded by Paul Stefanos in 1936. The store produces and sells chocolates, toffees, popcorn, and the like at their main base in Chicago, which has expanded and moved several times due to the demand for the company's products. The company also sells their products in local Chicagoland area stores such as Crate & Barrel, hospital gift shops, and floral shops.
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