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Spring, Spiral
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CUPID CANDIES (is part of)
9.0500200000 cm. H Object is an hourglass shaped spring, so the circumference is smaller in the middle than it is on the top and bottom., Item (Overall)
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Stefanos, John (is related to)
Stefanos, Polychronis (is related to)
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Spring in the shape of an hourglass. It is made up of one wire, has nine coils, and is pretty rusty.  Each end consists of three coils, and the middle also consists of three coils.  The coils are larger on both ends and the coils in the middle are much smaller giving the item its hourglass shape. 
It was originally labelled as a part of the hot fudge warmer in the Cupid Candies collection, donated by John and Polychronis Stefano. However, we are unsure of what it does.

Cupid Candies is a family owned business, founded by Paul Stefanos in 1936, and has been manufacturing quality chocolate and serving Chicagoland residents in our own retail stores for the past 68 years. The first store was at 79 th and Ashland, where only fudge, toffee, and popcorn were sold. By 1940 Paul Stefanos, and his wife Pauline, opened another store at 3207 W. 63 rd Street, along with a small manufacturing facility, where the chocolate line was expanded. By using only the finest ingredients-dairy cream and butter, premium nuts, real chocolate and natural flavors- a practice we still use today, the company had grown into what local residents remember from their childhood-a candy store where the chocolates are made fresh daily-never frozen.

In 1946 the manufacturing facility was moved to 3143 W. 63 rd Street, to accommodate the growing business. By 1956, once again, it became necessary to expand. A new plant was built at 7637 S. Western Avenue, which is still the current manufacturing plant. At that time "old fashioned" ice cream shops were added to the Cupid Candy stores. Currently two locations, 4707 W. 95 th Street in Oak Lawn and 9420 W. 143 rd Street in Orland Park, offer a complete sit-down and carryout soda fountain service along with the candy stores.
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