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Nicholson, John (is related to)
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16mm film strip of a city scape taken from a high vantage point. There are remnants a piece of tape on the exterior tip of the strip. The color is quite brown whic lessens the overall quality of the film.
16mm film was invented by the 1923 by the Eastman Kodak company as a cheaper, amateur alternative to 35mm film. It was originally intended to be used to make movies in one's home, but eventually began to be used for filming educational programs. Additionally, 16mm film was used in poorer foreign countries before they had access to professional light cameras. Doctor John N Nicholson was a Greek immigrant doctor who practiced in the Chicago area for 50 years and was well known member of the Greek-American community. Nicholson created the movie Present Day Greece and Its Mediterranean Islands from 1946-1951. It is a three hour long documentary meant to educate Americans about Greece and the Greek-American identity in order to dispel negative stereotypes. There is no evidence that this film strip was in the documentary. There is no information on where or when the film was shot.
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