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Film; Metal
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Nicholson, John (is related to)
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This 16mm film is stored on a 7in brown metal reel in a tarnished silver metal case. The case has no makers mark or brand name stamped on it. The only decoration are two concentric rings that are slightly bumped out from the surface. The brown reel is broken up by four arms dividing the open space up into fourths. It also has no manufacturer's stamp or label but it does have a fiew remnants of tape still stuck to the metal. The film itself takes up about half of the space provided. The first few frames are of the Eiffel Tower.
Doctor John N Nicholson was a Greek immigrant doctor who practiced in the Chicago area for 50 years and was well known member of the Greek-American community. Nicholson created the movie Present Day Greece and Its Mediterranean Islands from 1946-1951. It is a three hour long documentary meant to educate Americans about Greece and the Greek-American identity in order to dispel negative stereotypes. According to the donor file these are just various films and so probably not related to his documentary.
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