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November 10, 1935
Wedding of Peter Sarantos and Anna Demenegas
26.6700000000 cm. Diameter, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Papes, Theodore (created by)
Sarantos, Peter and Anna (owned by)
Sarantos, Peter (is related to)
Sarantos, Anna (is related to)
Demenegas, Anna (is related to)
Papes, Theodore (is related to)
Zaharakos, Maria (is related to)
Object Description
A Greek wedding crown. The crown is made of wire wrapped in green thread. Sticking out from the main crown are pieces of wire with white wax bulbs and wax flowers attached. At the front of the crown, two extra pieces of thread-wrapped wire are attached above and below the main wire. Sprays of small white bulbs, as well as larger white bulbs, are attached to the three wires. There is a large cluster of wax flower and leaves on top of this. There is a piece of green wax or rubber attached to the back of the grown, the rest of which has been broken off.
This is a Greek Orthodox wedding crown, or "stefana". During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are crowned as king and queen of their own dominion, part of God's royal family. The crowns are bound together to symbolize the unity of the couple. The stefana are blessed by the priest. After the crowns are on the couple's heads, koumbaros (the best man and religious sponsor) switches the crown between heads three times. These stefana were used in the wedding of Peter Sarantos and Anna Demenegas, which took place in Gary, Indiana in 1935. There were made by the koumbaros, Theodore Papes, who was a florist. The koumbara for the wedding was named Maria Zaharakos. These crowns were original attached by a wire encased in green rubber or wax, but the attaching piece has broken into pieces.
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Stefana, November 10, 1935, Pagedas Family Collection, National Hellenic Museum, Accessed 09/26/21.