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November 10, 1935
Wedding of Peter Sarantos and Anna Demenegas
Photo Paper
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Sarantos, Peter (is related to)
Sarantos, Anna (is related to)
Demenegas, Anna (is related to)
Papes, Theodore (is related to)
Zaharakos, Maria (is related to)
Object Description
A black-and-white photograph of a wedding party. The group is standing in front of a wall with and ornately carved door and curtains at either end. They are standing face in the left side of the photo, but with their faces turned towards the camera. At the front (far left) are a little boy and girl. The girl is wearing a short white dress and the boy is wearing a white shirt and shorts that appear to be attached. The girl is holding a small basket decorated with flower and the boy is holding a small cushion or pillow. Standing with them is a woman holding a bouquet of flowers. Next to them is the bride and groom. He is wearing a tuxedo with a white bow tie, and she is wearing a wedding dress with a long train and is holding a large bouquet. After the bride and groom, there are five more couples. All of the men are wearing tuxedos with black bow ties. The first woman is wearing a pleated gray dress and wearing a black hat. The next two women are wearing white dresses, have wreaths on their heads and are holding bouquets of flowers. The last two women are wearing gray dresses and are also holding flowers and wearing wreaths on their heads.
This is portrait of the wedding party from the Wedding of Peter Sarantos and Anna Demenegas. The wedding was held on November 10, 1935 at St. Constantine Church in Gary, Indiana. Peter and Anna are the first adult couple from the left. The young boy and girl are likely the ring-bearer and flower girl. The identities of the other people are unknown, although they likely include the koumbaros and koumbara, Theodore Papes and Maria Zaharakos.
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