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Date Created
November 10, 1935
Alternative Name
Wedding Ceremonial
Wedding of Peter Sarantos and Anna Demenegas
70.8025000000 cm. L x 2.7000200000 cm. Diameter, Item (Overall)
Paper; Satin
Object Entities
Sarantos, Peter and Anna (owned by)
Sarantos, Peter (is related to)
Sarantos, Anna (is related to)
Demenegas, Anna (is related to)
Object Description
A large, ecru-colored candle. There are three different ribbon tied to the middle of the candle. One is narrow and made of a thin white and green material. The second is wide and made of a filmy white material painted with small white leaves. It has long ends that reach the bottom of the candle. The third ribbon is a wide white satin ribbon, folded in half and tied in a bow. This ribbon also has long ends. The ribbons are tied around a small bouquet of artificial lily of the valley flowers. The candle has been used and is slightly melted at the top. The candle is broken about two thirds of the way down.
At least 4 candles are used in Greek Orthodox wedding ceremonies. Two large candles are placed on the alter, while smaller ones are given to the bride and groom to hold. The candles symbolize the idea that Jesus will light the way for the couple in their new life together. The candles are also known as "lambathes" or "lambades". These particular candles were likely the ones held by the bride and groom. This candle, along with it's pair, was used in the wedding of Peter Sarantos and Anna Demenegas in Gary, Indiana on November 10, 1935.
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