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November 10, 1935
Wedding of Peter Sarantos and Anna Demenegas
Photo Paper
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Sarantos, Peter (is related to)
Sarantos, Anna (is related to)
Demenegas, Anna (is related to)
Demenegas, Antonio (is related to)
Demenegas, Elizabeth (is related to)
Pagedas, Gust (is related to)
Object Description
A black and white photographic print. A bride and groom are standing in the center of the photo, with three people on either side of them. The bride, at the left, has short, dark, curly hair. She is wearing a fairly simple, white, long-sleeved wedding dress with a long white veil and a very long train. In her hands is a large bouquet of white flowers. To her left (camera right) is the groom. He has short, dark hair and a thin, dark mustache. He is wearing a tuxedo with a a white bow tie. There is a white handkerchief in his pocket and a white boutonniere in his lapel. To the left of the couple (camera right), are three people. There is a man and a woman sitting on chairs and a man standing behind them. The man is wearing a suit and tie with a white boutonniere. He has gray hair and a thin mustache. The woman is wearing a dark dress and white hat or headband over her short, dark hair. The man behind them is wearing a tuxedo with a white bow tie. He has short, dark hair and is balding. There are three more people to the right of the bride and groom (camera left). Two women are sitting in chairs. The one on the left is elderly, while the one on the right appears to be middle-aged. Both are wearing loose, dark dresses and have dark hair. Their hands are folded in their laps. Behind them is a young man with a tuxedo and black bow tie. He has short, dark hair, a white boutonniere and a white handkerchief in his pocket.
This photograph is from the wedding of Peter Sarantos and Anna (Demenegas) Sarantos. The couple in the middle is Peter and Anna and the other people are members of Anna's family. Their exact identities are unknown, but it is likely that the photo includes Anna's mother, her father Antonio, someone named Elizabeth (possibly Anna's sister), and Elizabeth's husband Gust Pagedas. Anna and Peter's wedding took place on November 10, 1935 at St. Constantine Church in Gary, Indiana.
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