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Player, Record
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Floor model Victor Victrola / Phonograph record player. Tall mahogany finished cabinet on 'cup and cover' shaped legs also in the same mahogany finish.  The top opens up to reveal an electric turntable and record needle. There is a Victor Victrola logo visible on the lid when opened.  Two doors on the face of the cabinet open up to reveal a large speaker with 2 shelves beneath it. "Artie Shaw and his Orchestra" records inside cabinet.
From Ross Talis. The Victor Talking Machine company, an American company located in Camden, New Jersey , existed from 1901-1929. It was the leading producer of phonograph records and players. Victor was one of the first manufacterers to use electric recordings. Victrolas were designed to be aestheically pleasing, and fit in with other pieces of living room furniture. Victrola was the most popular model of phonographs, reaching the height of their popularity in the 1920s.
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