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Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pooley
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This is a three-dimensional gold caste/mold of the busts of a man and woman, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pooley. The man and women are next to each other, both wearing simple tops. The man has a prominent mustache and the woman is wearing a ruffled collar. The caste/mold is in a gold or tan frame.
In 2000, The National Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center started a Commemorative Bust Project. This project created 12-15 busts for an exhibit which honored and showed some of the pioneers of Chicago-Greek settlement and community. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pooley (Pantagiotis Poulis) were the first Greek family known to settle in Chicago, after their arrival from Corfu, Greece, in 1885. Mr. Pooley was a sea captain who visited Chicago many times. Impressed with the city, he married Georgia Bitzi and moved her to Chicago. Mrs. Pooley was a well-educated women, who organized the Greco-Slavonic Brotherhood, the first Greek Voluntary association in Chicago. Mr. Pooley died in 1914, Mrs. Pooley died in 1945. They had seven children, all born in Chicago.
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