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Rev. Philaretos
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This is a three dimensional mold/caste of a Rev. Philaretos' bust. He is wearing a head dress of sorts and various chains/necklaces around his neck. He is bearded and without expression. The mold is placed within a light brown matting and in a wooden frame with a unique, stone looking finish. There is a hanging wire attached to the back.
Dated 1923-1930. Rev. Philaretos' was the first bishop of Chicago. This piece was created along with 12 -15 other busts that were made just for a NHM exhibition; honoring several of the first of Chicago's Greek pioneers who were already deceased. The artist Anna Christoforidis created a whole collection for the NHM. Upon request from Amy Brandolino of the museum to display an existing collection from Thessaloniki, but the artist made it known that the personalities of the existing collection would not be appropriate for a Chicago display and offerd to do an enire collection for NHM relevent to the Chicago Greek community.
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