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1920 – 1939
31.2750200000 cm. W x 34.4500200000 cm. L Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed. The dimensions do not include the edging., Item (Overall)
Cotton; Wool
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Petsas, Christine (is related to)
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Crewel-covered handbag with flower designs. There is a wave-like red cloth attached to the outside to give the bag a border. On one side, the bag features two flowers with red centers and yellow and pink threads going off of the center surrounded by a green circle which is then surrounded by alternating red and yellow petals; two small five-petaled flowers, with the center petal being designed with pink and red and yellow on either side, connected by a string of pink and yellow half-ovals; in the middle, there is another five-petaled flower shape. The bottom petals are pink and yellow, the next is red, and the top petal has a green stem with a pink top in it. The background colors are light blue, dark blue, green, and orange. On the other side, there are two flowers with a red four-petaled center with a light blue background, surrounded by green, which is in turn surrounded by pink and yellow petals; there is the same small five-petaled flower design, with red in the place of pink. There is also a big five-petaled flower design in the middle. The bottom petals are pink, then yellow, then pink. The next petals are red, and the center petal has a green stem and pink top, but is surrounded at the top by green. The background colors are light blue, dark blue, and orange, mainly. The handle is covered in light blue fabric, which is sewn together with crossing pink and yellow stitches. The inside of the bag is pink and white.
Was used in Greek Folk Art Exhibit, 1993 (Loan Item 23.1993.1)

Crewel embroidery is a type of embroidery that uses wool. It is thought to date back at least a thousand years. The design is traditionally floral and done in the style of Jacobean Embroidery. Crewel embroidery must be done with the help of an embroidery hoop, to ensure equal tension across all of the stitches.
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