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13.335 cm. W x 17.3050200000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Paper; Plastic; Velvet
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Petsas, Christine (is related to)
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An embroidered icon. The background is black velvet. There are three lines of white thread around the outside edge, with a green sequin in the middle of each side and red sequins at the corners. There is a white, acorn-shaped sequin in each corner, pointing toward the middle. At the center of the embroidery is a cross made of golden thread. At the center of the cross is a blue star sequin with a silver sequin on top of it. There are silver sequins at each corner around the center and yellow threads radiating out from each of these. The top, right, and left points of the cross are lobed like a clover leaf. The side lobes at each point are orange and yellow, while the middle lobes are pink and white. Across each set of lobes is a line of metallic beads and sequins, going down and to the right. On either side of the top of the cross is a silver star sequin. At the base of the cross is trapezoid with the orange/yellow and pink/white colors of the lobes. The entire embroidery is attached to a cardboard backing.
There is some Greek writing on the back, consisting of the the name "V. Kanellos" and some other illegible text.
The origin of this embroidered icon is unknown, but it was originally framed.
The cross in this image appears to be a variation on a traditional Orthodox cross. The Orthodox cross normally has three bars. However, some versions look like this, with a three-barred cross inside of them.
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