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Mehilos, Bill (created by)
Mehilos, Bill (created by)
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Black and white photo of N.H.I.B.T. (National Hellenic Invitational Basketball Tournament) presentation of trophies:  There is one man and five male youths line up, left to right.  Farthest to the left, the line begins with a gentleman with receding gray hair, plaid suit jacket, black pants, white shirt and dark tie.   
  Next is a thin young man with straight brown hair parted on his left side.  He has fair skin.  He is wearing a solid, medium-colored cardigan sweater, white shirt unbuttoned at the collar and pants that are slightly darker than the sweater.  He is holding a trophy and looking at the camera straight-faced.  
  The next young man is slightly taller and has a broader build than the first young man.  His hair is short, dark and curly, he has fair complexion, and is sporting a big smile for the camera.  He is wearing a button down shirt, opened at the collar and a light-colored v-neck pullover sweater over it.  He has medium/dark dress pants on.  He is also holding a trophy.
  Fourth person from the left is slightly taller than any of the other young men.  He is thin, with dark, curly hair parted on his left side.  He is wearing a light-colored, patterned crewneck sweater with an un-zipped dark jacket over it.  He is wearing medium-colored chino type pants.  He is facing the camera, straight-faced, holding a trophy.
  The next young man is almost a head shorter than first three young men and has a lean, muscular build.  His dark wavy hair is brushed back and shorter on the sides than it is on top.  He is the only award recipient in full basketball uniform.  His jersey has the number 35 on it.  He is wearing white basketball shorts, with dark trim around the edges, white socks that have dark trim at the top, and white basketball shoes - his left shoe is untied.
  The last young man in line is the same height as number 35.  His crewcut hair is lighter than any of the others' and parted on his left side.  His body is facing forward, his head is pointed to his right, towards his team mates.  He is wearing a white button-down shirt and dress medium-colored dress pants and his holding a trophy.
  There are two trophies, identical to the ones being held by the young men, positioned on the gym floor front and center of the group.
The surfaces of the upper left-hand corner and lower right-hand corner of photograph appear to have been worn off. 

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Photograph, 1966, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/3748. Accessed 03/30/23.