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  Black and white photo of N.H.I.B.T. (National Hellenic Invitational Basketball Tournament) trophy presentation:  Two men are in the foreground shaking hands.  The man on the left has short dark hair with gray or white at the temples and fair skin.  He is wearing a medium to light colored vested suit (based on the sheen, it's possibly silk), white shirt unbuttoned at the collar and no tie.  He is shaking hands with his right hand, holding a basketball trophy in his left hand, and smiling at the camera. 
  The man on the right is slightly taller than the first man.   He has short gray hair, receding hairline, gray mustache and fair skin.  He is wearing eyeglasses with dark frames, a dark suit (based on the sheen, possibly silk), white shirt, and patterned tie.  There is a white pocket square in the breast pocket of his suit jacket.  He is shaking hands with his right hand and holding a microphone in his left.  His body and head are also turned towards the camera, but his eyes are looking slightly to his right and his mouth is slightly open as if he was photographed mid-sentence. 
  Directly behind them, there is a covered banquet table with the N.H.I.B.T. logo on it.  There is a man standing in front of the banquet table but behind the two men.  The third man is thin, and is turned away from the camera.  He has short gray hair and is wearing a formal black suit jacket and matching pants.
  Audience seen in background on bleachers.
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Photograph, 1962, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/3747. Accessed 03/31/23.