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Syriopoulos, Ann (is related to)
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Lace children's dress, for about a two year old. Possibly was white, but color is currently an off white almost cream color. The dress is long and almost full sleeved, for a child. The end of the sleeves and the neckline is trimmed with two layers of lace, one a ruffled lace which has a row of flowers which go around and the other which uses the same material but is laid flat. At the top point of the shoulders is a silk rose; each side having three ribbons of silk coming off of it. There is another rose in the top center of the chest. Going downwards off of the rose is the same strip of lace as the sleeve and neckline. This one however has a center strip of the flowered lace that is flat with each side bordered with the ruffled lace. This same patter is also found connected to the neckline, about half an inch from the shoulder and goes to the armpit, both on the front and back. The waist line has a single ruffled lace and two silk roses, each about an inch and a half from the center with three silk ribbons coming off of them. There is a thin silk band that is placed under the ruffled lace that connects at the back with a large silk rose with a bow under it. About five and a half inches there are two large ruffled flaps; each are plain towards the top portion of the flap, but the bottom is trimmed with the flowered lace. Also these flaps are scalloped. The two flaps are also about an inch and a half apart. The very bottom of the dress has the flap described above but is simply sewn to the end. The back of the dress mimics the front minus the large rose as previously stated as well as four buttons at the top of the dress, top layer of the is cover by the ruffled lace. Also on the inside of the top of the opening there is a tag that reads "No. Made in U.S.A." There is a hole i the dress a little to the right of the center of the waist as well as a few very small ones in multiple places. There is also a black stain on the right hand side, above the first ruffled flap as well as brown spots on the left side of the chest.
Ann Syrioploulos was born in Wisconsin in 1918. She lived with her parents Michael (father) and Base (mother) Syriopoulos who were born in Greece. She also lived with her three sisters Mary, Dorothy and Theresa. The dress comes from her donation, but it is unclear who it was used by other than a child around the age of two.
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