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1881 – 1882
Object Entities
Venetos, Cleo (is related to)
Emmanuel Zabit, Nancy (is related to)
Vasiliou, Katherine (is related to)
Emmanuel, Katherine (is related to)
Kalfa, Christina (is related to)
Object Description
This is the top portion of the two-piece engagement outfit of Christina Ioanna Kalfa. It is a jacket-like piece with a high neck, and a small, one inch collar. The jacket is an army green color, with long sleeves and a button up middle. The waist it tapered in, in order to fit a womanly figure. At the end of each sleeve, there are satin-like ruffles right above more ruffles at the very end of the sleeve. The second set of ruffles are the same piece/fabric as the jacket. The first set of ruffles are attached separately, and have different fabric. The inside of the jack is lined with a light brown fabric.
**For full family history, see donor file** This was the engagement outfit of the donor's great-grandmother, Christina Ioanna Kalfa. Christina was the mother of Katherine (Hadzi Vasiliou) Emmanuel, who immigrated to the United States in August of 1920, through Ellis Island, NY, accompanied by her soon-to-be husband's cousin. Upon arrival in America, Katherine had her mother's 1881 engagement outfit in her posession. Katherine intended to alter it for herself. The alterations were not done. Consequently, the two-piece outfit is dismantled, although its fabric is in pristine condition. Katherine's daughter, Nancy Anna Emmanuel Zabit, passed the engagement outfit on to her daughter, Cleo Zabit Venetos, who in turn donated it to the National Hellenic Museum in 2013.
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