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Gown, Wedding
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Object Entities
Greece, (created by)
Zambathou, Vasiliki (owned by)
Kourtis, Vicky (is related to)
Zambathou, Vasiliki (is related to)
Krili, Eleni (is related to)
Arsenis, Ioannis (is related to)
Limberopulos, Vasiliki (is related to)
Limberopulos, Helen (is related to)
Constant, Constance (is related to)
Object Description
Long, blue and creme gown, two parts. The first portion is a jacket, with attached blouse. The jacket is a deep blue, with long sleeves and a collar. The materials that forms most of the jacket is a blue flowered pattern, on top fabric of the same shade of blue. Both the ends of the sleeves and the collar portion have ornate lace patterns sewn into them, in a matching blue color. The inside of the jacket is an olive green/brown color. Attached to the sides of the inside of the jacket, this olive green/brown colored material forms to make a vest. Each vest portion is only about 5 inches in from the sides of the jackets. At the end of these vest portions are small metal clasps that attach to a creme colored portion of fabric that forms a blouse of sorts, in the front of the gown. This blouse portion has ruffles at the bottom 3-4 inches, and is pleated throughout to form a high-necked collar. The second portion of the gown is a long skirt. The top of the skirt has a perimeter of brown fabric which forms the waistband, and the rest of the skirt is patterned with the same flowered blue pattern on blue silk that the jacket is. The inside of the skirt is lined with the same olive green/brown fabric that is found on the inside of the jacket.
**See complete history in donor file** This dress was worn by the Godmother of the Donor's (Vicky Kourtis) grandmother - Vasiliki Tsirikou Zambathou. Vasiliki was born in Alea, Tegea (Arcadia) and married Ioannis Arsenis of Tripoli. The dress is colored blue because it was custom in those days for a bride to marry in a dress that she could wear on special occassions throughout her lifetime, rather than solely on her wedding day. This dress was lent out for use as a costume in a Greek theatre production in Chicago in the late 1930's/early 40's. Additionally, the donor's mother, Helen, wore it in a play at Lucy Flower High School in the early 1940's.
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