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Copper; Nickel
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Metevilis, Marina (is related to)
I, King (is related to)
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Silver coin drachma. On one side, is engraved 'King Paul I', with the year '1962', and Greek writing all around the perimeter. On the reverse side is engraved the Greek Coat of Arms, with a large number 1 underneath it, and Greek writing along the perimeter. The edges of the coin are ridged, and the coin is fully filled in, as compared to other Greek drachma coins which have a hole in the middle of them.
The years that this coin was made were 1954-1965. King Paul I reigned from 1 April 1947 – his death on 6 March 1964. He succeeded his brother, George II, as king during a civil war between Greek Communists and supporters of the monarchy. Paul was born in Athens, and was trained as a naval officer. The Greek coat of arms that is shown is that of the Glücksburg dynasty. This coat of arms was used primarily from1864-1924 and 1935–1973. After Otto's fall, the young Prince William of Denmark was in 1864 chosen as king, and the new achievement for the coat of arms bore a strong resemblance to that of the Danish Royal Family. The escutcheon remained the same, but the dynastic arms of the Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg family became the new escutcheon of pretence. The shield remained surmounded by the royal crown. Two new male figures were introduced as new supporters, alluding to the legendary Heracles. The Order of the Redeemer was also added. The motto of the dynasty, "People's love, my strength" was also introduced.
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