• Link, Cuff
Link, Cuff
Link, Cuff

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Link, Cuff
Date Created
Object Entities
Topeka, KS (created by)
Metevilis, Marina (is related to)
Balamas, Constantine (is related to)
Peterson, Ralph (is related to)
Object Description
One cuff link in a pair of two. Silver and oval in shape. On each of the four "sides" of each oval, there is a triangle of plain silver. Around and behind those triangles, forming the next innermost layer are many thin lines, forming a pattern. The next innermost layer seems to be a leaf vine of some sort. Inside of that are more thin lines. The oval is completed with a small, plain silver oval placed in the middle. There are two of these oval fixtures that are attached to each other to form the cuff link.
These cuff links belonged to Marina Metevilis' father, Constantine Apostolos Balamas, who operated the coffee shop in the Liberty Hotel in downtown Kansas City next door to President Harry Truman's haberdashery. He met Mr. Truman, they became friends and together attended evening classes at Kansas City University. Possibly worn with his Army uniform? This is unsure. Little to none is found on the Liberty Hotel in downtown Kansas City. It is presumed to not be in existance anymore.
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