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Metevilis, Marina (is related to)
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The main body of the glove clip is the omega-shaped clip. By squeezing the two end portions, you can open up the "top of the omega" to clip your gloves. On one of the end portions, a golden chain hangs, which can unclip to open up the chain. This area, you can attach to your purse. On both sides of the conjoining or innermost portion of the omega, are matching golden flowers. They have a large golden ball for the center, with ornate layers of petals surronding it. Along the edge of the omega, are what looks like a rose vine, stretched along the perimeter. The whole clip is golden plated.
This gold plated glove clip was used by Marina Metevilis' mother to clip her gloves to her purse, as was the style at the time. Circa. 1930's. It is presumed that you can attach this clip to your purse, by the chain area. Then, by using the clip, you can attach your gloves, or a scarf.
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