Object ID
Object Name
Block, Printing
Date Created
1943 – 1958
Lead; Wood
Object Entities
Damianos, John (is related to)
Damianos, Aristotle (is related to)
Diakos, Athanasios (is related to)
Bekas, K. (is related to)
Pappas, Georgios (is related to)
Object Description
Square-shaped, wood, and cast lead printing block. The print image on the block is a circular seal with a bold line forming the outer circle. Just inside the bold, outer line is another circle formed by a thnner line. Inside the second outline is Greek text running along the upper curvature of the circle. The text translates to "Society Stereolladiton." Also inside the second outline circle, following the bottom curvature of the circle is "Chicago" in English text. The middle of the emblem is another solid circle with circular texturizations. The solid circle is outlined by two thin cirlces on the outer edge. Within the solid circle is a dual representation of the capitalized Sigma character. A smaller Sigma is fitted inside a larger Sigma and the horizontal lines at the top and bottom of each Sigma are curved to fit the circular emblem. To the right of the Sigmas is a small bulls-eye. To the left of the Sigmas, fitted in the space between the tips of the Sigma arms are three chain links fitted together to form a triangle. Within the far left chain link are two capitalized Phi characters. In the upper right-hand chainlink is a capital Alpha and capital Beta. In the lower right-hand chainlink are two capital Alpha characters.
Donated by John Damianos. The printing block was used in a linotype printing machine. Linotype presses allowed for the casting of entire lines to be printed at a time. Linotype printing was eventually succeeded by lithograph printing and computer typesetting during the 1960's and 1970's. This printing block was used by the Chicago-based, Greek Art Printing Company that was owned and operated by Aristotle Damianos. This printing block was used for the printing of an advertisement for the Stereolladiton Society in the souvenir program for the February 25, 1943 Benefit Dance for the Greek War Relief held by the American Pan-Hellenic Federation. The image is also used for the printing of letterhead for the Stereolladiton Society "Athanasion Diakos." The Stereolloadition Society was an organization of Greek-American immigrants who originated from the region of Sterea Ellada, or Central Greece. The name of this particular chapter, "Athanasios Diakos," refers to the Greek military commander and national hero of the Greek War of Independence, Athansios Diakos. Diakos and his men put up a desperate fight against a larger Ottoman force near Thermopylae in an attempt to stop the Ottomans from advancing into the Peloponesse to break the Greek siege of Tripoli. When Diakos was captured he is said to have been offered to have been spared and made an officer in the Ottoman Army if he converted to Islam, but he refused by saying "I was born a Greek, I shall die a Greek." He was summarily executed by impalement.
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