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Angelos, James (is related to)
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Doll in native everyday wear - black and tan dress with stylized patterns, black belt, black "tharouta" (word listed in donor file, illegible), and black hairdressing scarf. Doll seems to have greenish hair (supposed to be blonde?), and brown eyes, she is looking off the the left slightly and has slight discoloration on her face. A black headscarf is wrapped around her head/hair and neck. She has on a beige long-sleeved shirt on as her base upper layer of clothing. The beige shirt has black and red stitching on it in the middle of the chest and on the ends of the sleeves. A necklace of discolored sequins and a black and beige sleeveless vest lays on top of the beige shirt. She has a black belt with three gold adornments on it. Next, she wears a black skirt with three thin lines of embroidery in the middle, the first being green, the second being red, and the third being blue. At the end of the skirt is about an inch of beige fabric (the same as her shirt) and the same black and red embroidery that was found in the middle of her chest and at the end of her sleeves. On her legs/feet, she wears light beige socks with black, pink, gold, and blue embroidery, and black shoes with black pom poms.
Listed to be found in mainland Greece, Thessalia (Thessaly) or Epirus. Little is known about the actual doll itself. Traditional Greek costumes vary depending on the exact location and the period. Seems to match a "traditional" Thessalonian costume slightly closer than one from Epirus.
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