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Block, Printing
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Object Entities
Damianos, John (is related to)
Timotheos, Rt. (is related to)
Zales, Nick (is related to)
Object Description
Lead, cube-shaped printing block. The image on the printface is a cross fleury, a Greek cross with the ends of the arms each decorated with a fleur-de-lis.
Donated by John Damianos. The printing block was used in a linotype printing machine. Linotype presses allowed for the casting of entire lines to be printed at a time. Linotype printing was eventually succeeded by lithograph printing and computer typesetting during the 1960's and 1970's. This printing block was used by the Chicago-based, Greek Art Printing Company. The Greek cross is a symbol of the Greek Orthodox Church. The use of the cross fleury seems to be just for decorative purpose. This particular printing block was used for the printing of meal tickets for the Name's Day dinner that was held for Right Reverend (Rt. Rev.) Timotheos, Bishop of Rodostolon. The celebration was held January 22, 1973, the Name Day for Saint Timothy, and was held by the 2nd Archdiocesan District Clergy Association and the 2nd Archdiocesan District Philoptochos at St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago. Rt. Rev. Timotheos was a bishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America. Name Days are days that are celebrated on the feast day of the saint, of whom the person celebrating shares the same name or a variation of the same name, i.e. those named Timotheos celebrate on the feast day of Saint Timothy. Saint Timothy was the fellow traveller and disciple of Saint Paul. St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Church was founded in December 1926 and contiues as a parish today. The print block was also used for the printing of tickets for "Celebration Luncheons" for the Exultation of the Holy Cross in both 1970 and 1972. However, it is unknown who hosted the luncheons. The Exultation of the Holy Cross is a feast held every year on September 14 to celebrate the finding of the True Cross of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by Saint Helen. The image is also printed as part of a page in memory of Nick Zales in the program for the 1964 Vasilopitta Ball.
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