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Copper; Nickel
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Greece, (created by)
Poulos, Pete (owned by)
Poulos, Peter (is related to)
of Greece, King (is related to)
Hercules, (is related to)
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This is a 10 drachma coin from the year 1959. On the front side is a portrait of King Paul of Greece. He appears in a similar fashion to United States presidents on American coins. His name is written in Greek letters that circle his head. Underneath his head are the numbers 1959, signifying the year that the coin was minted. There is a basic pattern which borders the coin. The back of the coin features the Greek crest of the time. It is two mirror images of Hercules standing on either side of a shield with a cross on it. Underneath this crest is the word "drachma" written in Greek letters. Underneath the word "drachma" is the number 10, signifying the amount that the coin is worth. Greek words surround the entire coin. There is a simple pattern bordering this side of the coin as well. The coin has a silver color. It is made of copper and nickel. Its edge is smooth.
The coin was minted in 1959 and has a value of 10 drachma. The front of the coin features King Paul of Greece, who reigned from 1947-1964. The coin depicts his head in celebration of his reign. The back of the coin shows the crest of Greece at the time. Hercules, a prominent Greek mythological figure, appears on the back of the coin. He is famous for having completed twelve seemingly impossible labors. He is holding a club and a lions pelt, a sign that he has completed his labors.
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