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Copper; Nickel
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Greece, (created by)
Poulos, Pete (owned by)
Poulos, Peter (is related to)
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This is a 20 drachma coin from the year 1973. On the front side is a large picture of a nymph riding a horse. On the top right side of the coin is the number 1973, which signifies the year in which the coin was minted. On the bottom right, there are very small Greek letters which are difficult to read. Underneath the nymph is a dolphin diving into water. The outer border of this coin is a simple pattern. The back of the coin features a large picture of a phoenix and a soldier standing at attention. This picture was the symbol from the military coup of 1967. Under this picture is a Greek word and the numbers 1967, commemorating the military coup. In a border around the whole back side are the words "Kingdom of Greece" written in Greek. Underneath the phoenix picture is the number 20, signifying the value of the coin. Under the number 20 is the word "drachma" written in Greek. The coin has a silver color. It is made of copper and nickel. Its edge is smooth.
The coin was minted in 1973 and has a value of 20 drachma. The symbol that appears on the back of the coin is the symbol of the military coup that took place in 1967 and caused the Greek monarchy to be abolished by 1973. It features a phoenix, which is symbolic for Greek democracy rising again from the ashes. The nymph which appears on the back is a traditional Greek figures. Nymphs were mythological characters who often represented the spirit of nature. The water that appears under the nymph is characteristic of an aspect of nature that they nymph could represent.
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