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Scoop, Scale
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Topping, Nicholas (is related to)
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This is a silver, metal scoop that was presumably used to scoop candy. It is medium sized with a large, open scoop, and a solid, sturdy handle. At the base of the scoop near the handle is a pressed inscription that reads, "The Jacobs Bros. Co. Inc. New York, N.Y.", and the word "Scales" twice, at the bottom two corners of the logo. Under this logo are the words, "Patent App'd for 2".
The Jacobs Brothers Company International was a company started by three immigrant brother in New York City. It was founded in 1900. They specialized in bathroom, kitchen, health care, and food service scales. After a number of years of service, they changed their company name to Detecto. Not long after that, in 1981, the Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company bought Detecto. Cardinal was known for heavy-duty truck scales and floor scales. Buying the Jacobs Brothers Co. Inc. allowed them to market a broad spectrum of scales to the public. The company is still active today, under both the Cardinal and the Detecto names.
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