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Object Name
Block, Printing
Date Created
1969 – 1974
Lead; Wood
Object Entities
Damianos, John (is related to)
Hatzis, Louise (is related to)
Gorgan, Irene (is related to)
Coin, Carol (is related to)
Tsausis, Bessie (is related to)
Gianoulakis, Hellen (is related to)
Stacy, Dorothy (is related to)
Ferretti, Penny (is related to)
Lambos, EmLee (is related to)
Maxouris, Jane (is related to)
Bekas, Effie (is related to)
Stathakes, Constance (is related to)
Perparos, Elaine (is related to)
Chiames, Nicoletta (is related to)
Betzelos, Irene (is related to)
Pappanduros, Toni (is related to)
Laris, Mary (is related to)
Bekas, Christ (is related to)
Pappas, William (is related to)
Kiamos, Constantine (is related to)
Costopoulos, Theodore (is related to)
Simigis, Peter (is related to)
Zoumboulis, James (is related to)
Pappas, Helen (is related to)
Papanicholas, Irene (is related to)
Amarantos, Tom (is related to)
Amarantos, Tom (is related to)
Bartoli, Joe (is related to)
Chicouris, George (is related to)
Louis Se, (is related to)
Patrianakos, Frank (is related to)
Papastefan, John (is related to)
Aramian, Victor (is related to)
Kaludis, Peter (is related to)
Object Description
Wood and cast lead printing block. The print desing consists of an equal-armed cross with crossed swords, pointing downward, behind the cross. Centered in front of the cross is a wreath of olive branches around an image of Penelope. Above the cross is an eagle with spread wings. flanking the eagle are the Greek symbols "Pi" and "Theta."
Donated by John Damianos. The printing block was used in a linotype printing machine. Linotype presses allowed for the casting of entire lines to be printed at a time. Linotype printing was eventually succeeded by lithograph printing and computer typesetting during the 1960's and 1970's. This printing block was used by the Chicago-based, Greek Art Printing Company. The printing block was used in the printing of materials for numerous Chicago-area Daughters of Penelope chapters, as well as for the District Lodge #13. Flyers were printed for the "Annual Charity Bunco Party" held by the Daniad's Chapter #287, of the Daughters of Penelope on September 22, 1972 and invitations for the Harris Chapter #133's cocktail party on June 7, 1969. Both the Daniad's and Harris chapters are no longer functioning chapters of the Daughters of Penelope. Luncheon programs were printed for Zoe Chapter #311's luncheon honoring then District Governor, Christ Bekas, on May 18, 1974. Letterheads were printed for the Hellas Chapter #9, the Mantinaea Chapter #152, and the Medea Chapter #128. Both the Hellas and Zoe chapters are still functioning chapters. Letterheads, as well covers for the Daughters of Penelope, District 13 Convention programs, held from June 29 to July 1, 1973 at the O'hare Inn in Rosemont, Illinois, were printed for Daughters of Penelope, District Lodge #13 (District #13 covers Illinois and Wisconsin). Daughters of Penelope is an international Greek women's organization that is part of the larger AHEPA family of Greek organizations. Daughters of Penelope was organized in 1929 by Alexandra Apostolides Sonenfeld of San Francisco. The organization promotes Hellenism, philanthropy, education, civic responsibility, and individual & family excellence. The images of the seal have particular individual meaning. The eagle is a symbol of strength, courage, farsightedness and immortality. The equal-armed cross is a symbol of Greek Orthodoxy and early Christianity. Crossed swords pointing downward symbolize that the fight is over. Olive branches are most commonly associated with peace. Penelope is the wife of Odysseus in Homer's, Odyssey. In the story, Penelope maintains her chastity and faithfulness to Odysseus during his long absence. Therefore, she is a symbol of faithfulness.
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