Object ID
Object Name
Medal, Commemorative
Date Created
1964 New York Worlds Fair & Olympic Team Trials
Object Entities
Bronze, Cast (created by)
Spanakos, Peter (owned by)
Spanakos, Pete (is related to)
Spanakos, Nick (is related to)
Object Description
The obverse side of round medal shows a earth (with latitude and longitute lines drawn as though earth was transparent and nothing in between the faces of the globe- you can see the lines on the far side of the globe) from afar situated clouds and orbits. The world is bumped out from the the background so that it stands out. Beneath the globe are the dates 1964-1965. The scene is bordered by the inscription "Man's achievements in an expanding universe- New York World's Fair" The reverse side has the usa olympic team crest surrounded by a scroll. The crest is a shield with vertical stripes on the bottom tear-drop portion and the five linked Olympics rings on the upper portion. Beneath the shield is a scroll that reads "United States Olympic Team Trials." The seal is bordered by the inscription "The 300th anniversary of the founding of the City of New York - 1664-1964." The field that the crest is on is raised above the inscription and the crest is raised even higher. There are three prongs of metal protruding from the bottom edge of coin as if there had been links to attach the medal to something that have since been cut off.
This medal is a variation on the 1964 commemorative medal for the New York World's Fair. The Obverse side is the same however, the reverse of the more common coin has the image of New York's seal and is bordered by the inscription same inscription. Both Peter and Nick competed in the Boxing Trials for the 1964 Olympic Games. The medal could have originally belonged to either but it was donated by Peter rather than Nick so there is a good chance it is his. Neither brother made it to the Tokyo Olympics that year.
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