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Metal; Plastic; Stone
Object Entities
Elliot-Barry, (created by)
Object Description
Trophy with white, stone, rectangular base. On the base is a metal plaque engraved with: "All Star Team 1963 R.M.H.I.T.B. Sponsored by Denver AHEPA #145." On the back of the base is a blue sticker with silver trim reading in silver: "Elliot-Barry Co. Denver, Colorado." The bottom of the base has a patch of felt that has been attached, but does not appear to be original. At the center of the stone base is a metal, gold-tinted pedastal. Protruding upward from the pedastal is a black plastic cone with vertical stripped-textured stripes alternating with smooth strips all around the cone. Atop the cone is a metal, gold-plated figure of a basketball player. The figure appears to be jumping with one arm raised with a basketball in hand. The figure is in sneakers shorts and a tank top. The figure's head is raised upwards towards the basketball. The base the figure is set on is circular and has scale-like texturing along the side.
Found in collection. The R.M.H.I.B.T., possibly standing for Rocky Mountain Hellenic Invitational Basketball Tournament, was sponsored by the Denver AHEPA Chapter #145. How many years the tournament was held is unknown. AHEPA's mission is to promote Hellenism, education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, and family and individual excellence. Elliot-Barry Co. specializes in awards and medals and continues to operate in the Denver area as of 2013.
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