Object ID
Object Name
Object Collection
Helen's Collection (is part of)
Date Created
September 27, 1944, 1944
Object Entities
Catsulis, John (owned by)
Grenus, Helen (is related to)
Catsulis, John (is related to)
Object Description
White/ cream receipt. The receipt is from the Sam Cassel Company on Randolph street in Chicago, IL. The top part of the receipt has the lines to fill in date, name, and address. The rest of the receipt is a grid of quantity, packaging, brand, price, and amount.
Donated by Helen Grenus. The receipt belonged to John Catsulis, Helen's Godfather. John Catsulis born Katsouliakis in Lastros Village, Sitia, Crete in 1888. John came to America as a young boy. He started off as a diswasher in restaurant kitchens. During WWI John was stationed at The Great Lakes Naval Station as a baker and cook. John was never married or had children. He owned and worked in restaurants till he was 96 years old (1984) due to a stroke he was forced to stop. He stayed in the hospital until his death in 1987.
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