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Date Created
1940 – 1945
Object Entities
Manufactured, (created by)
Kalogeras, Chris (owned by)
Kalogeras, Pauline (is related to)
Kalogeras, Chris (is related to)
Object Description
U.S. Army Air Coprs. brown leather bomber jacket. The jacket has a zipper up the middle with a leather flap that folds over. On the left side of the jacket in gold letters it says "CHRIS". Under his name there is a yellow, green, and red patch. The patch is a picture of a bomb falling that has wings. Behind the bomb falling there is a group of planes in formation. Under the patch there is a silver pin of wings and in the middle of the wings is a plane propeller. On the right side of the jacket there are 21 gold painted bombs. Most likely signifying completed missions. On the back of the jacket in gold painted cursive it says Hell's Belle.
Donated by Pauline Kalogeras. The jacket was a part of Chris G. Kalogeras's Army Air Coprs. uniform during WWII. Chris was a radio operator and gunner in the 401 Bomb group.
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