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Patch, Military
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Date Created
1942 – 1945
Object Entities
manufatured, (created by)
Kalogeras, Pauline (owned by)
Kalogeras, Pauline (is related to)
Kalogeras, Chris (is related to)
Object Description
Triangle military patch. The background is a bright royal blue. There is a ladder and some lightening bolt.
Donated by Pauline Kalogeras. The patch was a part of Chris G. Kalogeras Army Air Force uniform during WWII.

Eighth Air Force began its lineal existence when it was constituted as VIII Bomber Command on January 19, 1942. It was activated in the United States on February 1, 1942. An advanced detachment was established in England on February 23 and units began arriving from the United States during the spring' of 1942. The command conducted the heavy bombardment operations of Eighth Air Force (see also US Strategic Air Forces in Europe ) from August 17, 1942, until early in 1944 re-designated the Eighth Air Force on February 22, 1944. Afterward, the eighth engaged primarily in bombardment of strategic targets in Europe transferred, without personnel, equipment, and combat elements, to Okinawa on July 16, 1945. Although some personnel and combat units were assigned before V-J Day, the Eighth did not participate in combat against Japan .
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