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Certificate, Naturalization
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April 8, 2013, 1920
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Calas, Andrew (owned by)
Calas, Andrew (is related to)
Calas, Candi (is related to)
Calas, Craig (is related to)
Calas, Kurt (is related to)
Object Description
The document is reminiscent of the U.S. paper currency. At the top, the paper says "The United States of America" and under that, "Certificate of Naturalization". The document has an elaborate border with curly, leafy designs in each corner and an extravagent outline of black and white webbing with something like a black star in the middle. The font on the document is very small, hard to read cursive. The blanks for Andrew's personal information lopks like it was stamped in purple ink while more personal areas were writtten in charcol. The bottom is signed by the Clerk of the District Court. The middle is stamped with "Original". At the top of the document there is the eagle crest of the U.S.while the bottome of the document has a seal from the District of Illinois.
Naturalization is a voluntary choice to become a U.S. citizen, it is not required of every alien to the U.S. This is a Certificate of Naturalization for Andrew Calas. Andrew became naturalized on April 22, 1920 through the court of Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the personal description of Andrew the document has him as a 25 year old white male with a dark complexion, brown eyes, dark hair. He was a 5 feet 6 inches, unmarried and childless Greek at the time. Andrew was naturalized a year after he was honorably discharged from the U.S. army and six years before he married his wife Chrisanthe. At the time of his nautralization, he lived in Hennepin, Minnesota. He assured his health and agreed to the laws of the U.S. and was admitted as a citizen.
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