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April 2, 2013, 1919
Honorable Discharge
Object Entities
Manufactured by Collegeville Flag & MFG, (created by)
Calas, Andrew (owned by)
Calas, Andrew (is related to)
Calas, Kurt (is related to)
Calas, Candi (is related to)
Calas, Craig (is related to)
Object Description
A 1919 American flag. The flag is very large. It has the 13 alternating red and off-white stripes of the United States Colonies as a normal American Flag does. However, in the top left corner there is a rectangle of blue with 48 white, five point stars. The manufacturer printed their company logo on the off-white border of the flag.
A 48 star American flag given to Andrew Calas when he was honrably discharged from the U.S. army. Calas fought in World War I and was injured possibly at Argonne (and possibly from mustard gas). Calas only fought for two years but fought in many battles over that time. When Calas recieved this flag it was seven years prior to Arizona gaining statehood but 40 years before Alaska and Hawaii would be considered states so the flag only has 48 stars. Along with the flag, Calas recieved his honorable discharge papers in Wisconsin, United States on March 7, 1919.
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