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Bros., Foster (created by)
Alexopoulos, Pola (is related to)
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Black replica vase with white figures, three male and one female on the front. The male figure to the far left is nude with a piece of cloth draped over his shoulders and a band of cloth tied around his head, he holds a staph and is in a dancing position. The woman, directly to the right of the far-left male figure, wears a sleeveless dress also with a cloth band around her head; she is barefoot and plays a flute. A male figure to the immediate right of the woman is also nude with a cloth draped over his shoulders, holding a staph and wearing a head band, he looks back towards the woman and has his hand on her shoulder. The far right male figure wears the same as the other men and is in a dancing position. The figures may be performing a bacchic ritual. Two bands above and below the group of figures encompass the vase in geometric patterns. The bottom of the vase has "Grecian Ceramic" etched into the pottery.
Pola Alexopoulos bought these replica vases while she was in Greece in the 1960s. They are to be used for educational purposes at the museum.
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