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Giovan, Panagiotis (is related to)
Giovan, Thalia (is related to)
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This is a complete candlestick. There are a number of tarnished spots on the item, especially along the shaft. There is also mild green corrosion in a few of the corners and some built up polish in the incision. There are a few light scratches on the base. The most notable is the one that crosses the right side of the third and fourth line of the inscription. The base has a piece of wood on the underside and has a screw at the center. The wood has some white staining and some illegible writing in pencil. There is small rectangular outer lip, (5/16 in. tall and 3/16 in. deep). Then there is a vertical band at a right angle with no decoration (1/2 in tall). The base then starts to taper toward the center. There is no decoration for the first 1/8 in. Then there is an 1/8 in. incised line. This is followed by a 2 1/16 in. band of incised meshed isoceles triangles.The triangles have a single small ray on each of the equal sides which emanate from the side and go toward the center. The hypotenuse of each triangle has two of these lines with a break in the middle. This band of decoration is followed by another 1/8 in incised line. Above this is a 1 1/2 in. band which bears the inscription. The inscription in block capital Roman letters reads, "IN MEMORY OF MY BELOVED HUSBAND PANAGIOTIS DIED JUNE 15TH 1945 PRESENTED BY THALIA GIOVAN JUNE 1947." At the top of this it turns horizontally flat again, goes in for 1/8 in. It then goes verticle for 3/8 in. before it meets the shaft. It has a slightly smaller circumference than the shaft for the final stage. The shaft (Circum.=6 5/16 in.) is primarily undecorated. There is a wider section with three bands 1/4 in. from each end which is 1 1/2 in. tall and has a Circum.=7 3/8 in. In 1/4 in. from each end of this raised band, there is a 1/8 in. incised line. At the top of the shaft is a smaller inverse of the base. It starts off verticle for 3/8 in. before the cone starts to fan out. It turns horizontally flat again, goes out for 1/8 in. It then goes verticle for 3/8 in. before it meets the shaft. It has a slightly smaller circumference than the shaft for the final stage. Next is a plain, angled band for 1 3/16 in. The next stage is an 1/16 in. incised line. Then there is a 3/4 in band of meshed triangles. It is a smaller and inverted version of the one on the base. The smaller triangles are now on the bottom. Finally in cuts back inward for just under 1/4 in. as a wax catch. The top is nearly flat with a slight depression toward the middle. Finally at the center of the flat top, 1 5/8 in. in from the edge, is a candle cup. The candle cup is 2 3/8 in. tall and has an outside diameter of 1 1/4 in.
This memorial candlestick for Panagiotis was presented by his wife Thalia Giovan. Panagiotis passed on 6/15/1945 and the candlestick was dedicated in June 1947. It was found in the collection on 9/20/2012 and was in a box with other items associated with loan 31.1998.1a. No documentation was able to be found for the item nor the loan number. There was a sheet of yellow legal paper which had the following information on it: 2 BRASS CAND. . . 26.5 INCH TALL IN MEMORY OF MOTHER SOPHIA ANDRIANAKOS PRESENTED BY CHRISTINE BACOURIS JUNE 1947 IN MEMORY OF HUSBAND PANAGIOTIS PRESENTED BY THALIA GIOVAN JUNE 1947 9/20 EMAILED ST. BASIL " ST. CONSTANTINE + HELEN 800 562 6081
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