Object ID
Object Name
Pot Metal Statue
Date Created
Metal; Paper
Object Entities
Hines, Illinois (created by)
Adonopoulos, Constantine (created by)
Hassakis, Mark (is related to)
Dilboy, Geroge (is related to)
Anonopoulos, Constantine (is related to)
Object Description
3X3 inch base reads George Dilboy (underlined) with a slight angling of the corners. George has knee high boots and is wearing a standard uniform of a United States soldier fighting in WW1. On his back pack we can see the handle of what supposedly is a small shovel. His canteen is at his belt and he carries the standard.30 calibre U. S. Army rifle. His brow is slightly furrowed but otherwise his features are not distinguishable as any particular person. His hat is US army standard. Around his neck is his gas mask pack.

The orginal metal coating has a patina tinge mostly near the feet on the base, in the text, and on the points that are handled less (such as in the creases and under the hat). Therefore the figurine is most likely oxidized brass coated.

On the underside of the base is a description on cardboard reading "Replica of the Famous George Dilboy Monument Erected at Hines, Illinois" "George Dilboy is the outstanding American hero of World war I, is of Greek descent and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor" "Sponsored by Constantine Adonopoulos 1456 FLOURNOY STREET Phone MONROE 1634 CHICAGO 7, ILL."
Bought by donor's grandfather and passed down to donor.

Reproduction of a larger statue in Dilboy's Hometown
George Dilboy was the first Greek to win the Congessional Medal of Honor in WW1. He fought in Company H, 103rd Infantry, 26th Division and was recognized by three different presidents for his outstanding achievements in four different wars.
George Dilboy is buried in section 18 of Arlington National Cemetary. He lived from Feb 5, 1896 to July 18, 1918
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