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Date Created
1993 – 1994
Object Entities
Papadopoulos, Nikos (owned by)
Papadopoulos, Nikos (is related to)
Minou, Antonis (is related to)
Apostolakis, Stratos (is related to)
Kolitsidakis, Thanasis (is related to)
Manolas, Stelios (is related to)
Tsalouchidis, Giotis (is related to)
Saravakos, Dimitris (is related to)
Nioplias, Nikos (is related to)
Machlas, Nikos (is related to)
Mitropoulos, Tasos (is related to)
Tsiantakis, Nikos (is related to)
Marangos, Spiros (is related to)
Karagiannis, Vaios (is related to)
Dimitriadis, Vasilis (is related to)
Karkamanis, Christos (is related to)
Alexoudis, Alexis (is related to)
Hantzidis, Minas (is related to)
Karataidis, Kiriakos (is related to)
Kofidis, Sawas (is related to)
Atmatsidis, elias (is related to)
Alexandris, Alekos (is related to)
Alexiou, Alexis (is related to)
Panagoulias, Alektas (is related to)
Object Description
Poster of World Cup USA 1993-1994 Soccer Team. Top of the poster two words in Greek with the date 1993-1994 with photo of the soccer team in a stadium below. Bottom right-hand corner of the poster is an image of the Greek flag; bottom left-hand corner an image of a soccerball inside an American flag, the logo for WorldCup USA. Underneath the men's feet in the image is a white box with the words "WorldCupUSA94" written.
This poster is of team Greece from the 1994 World Cup held in the United States. The team members include Antonis Minou, Stratos Apostolakis, Thanasis Kolitsidakis, Stelios Manolas, Ioannis Kalitzakis, Giotis Tsalouchidis, Dimitris Saravakos, Nikos Nioplias, Nikos Machlas, Tasos Mitropoulos, Nikos Tsiantakis, Spiros Marangos, Vaios Karagiannis, Vasilis Dimitriadis, Christos Karkamanis, Alexis Alexoudis, Minas Hantzidis, Kiriakos Karataidis, Sawas Kofidis, Elias Atmatsidis, Alekos Alexandris, Alexis Alexiou, with Alektas Panagoulias as the head coach for the team.
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