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Mourtoupalas, Connie (is related to)
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A winter jacket for a woman or child. It was purchased in Greece during the 1940s, most likely in central Greece. The jacket does not have sleeves and would be knee length on most women and some children. It is a very heavy fabric, most likely wool and is a cream color. It has a black around the holes for the arms and around the neck line. There is a red fabric that goes down the front by the neck on both sides and then at the middle it breaks into four lines that go to the bottom where they go along the bottom edge and at the sides it makes a triangle. It doesn't have any buttons and the one side overlaps the other. There are two vertical black lines stiched in, one on each side, on the front of the jacket. There are slits on both sides of the jacket that is line in black and under the red line on the bottom is a black line. The back of the jacket doesn't have any designs just likes from where the stiches are.
A winter jacket that was in the possession of Connie Mourtoupalas for the past 15 years. The jacket was purchased in Greece during the 40s and during the beginning of the 40s World War II was going on putting restrictions on the fabric used and how much. The restrictions made knee-length coats more popular and the clothing became less fashionable. Later in the 40s the fashion picked up and there were more styles. The jacket was given to the donor many years ago and has been in her posession ever since.
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